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Crafted Signs - Vehicle Detailing

Your one-stop Hamilton shop for automotive transformation.

We specialize in car detailing that goes beyond the surface, offering services such as chrome deletes, tinting, and PPF (Paint Protection Film) installation.

Chrome Deletes
Personalise the look of your car and protect your cars trims by blacking out the chrome on your vehicle.
Black out your: Window Trims & Mouldings, Grills, Roof Rails, Wing Mirrors & more…

Window Tinting
Protect from UV, gain extra privacy or use for decorative purposes – click here for more info.

Protect your paint job with our Paint Protection Film – click here for more info.


Benefits of Car Detailing:

  • Improve the Appearance of Your Car: From chrome deletes that create a sleek and modern look to window tinting that adds an air of mystique, our detailing services elevate your vehicle’s look to a whole new level.
  • Preserved Value: Car detailing is an investment that pays dividends. By protecting your vehicle’s exterior through services like PPF, you safeguard its resale value and retain paint job.
  • Unmatched Protection: PPF acts as a shield against chips, scratches, and environmental factors, while window tinting shields you from UV rays and prying eyes.
  • Customized Excellence: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our detailing services are tailored to your preferences, ensuring your vehicle is a true reflection of your style.
Crafted Signs - Vehicle Detailing

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